Updated February 19th, 2019

Welcome to Hanson Lake 2

Residents in our community are united by the feelings we all share for this unique lake environment we live in and call home. 
While only 15 miles south of Omaha, it feels like 50.  We experience all kinds of wildlife ranging from Eagles, Blue Herons, and Bea
vers, to migrating Cormorants and Pelicans.  We are fortunate and truly do ‘Come Home to Get Away’.

The HL2 Association’s Mission Statement is: To provide a safe, beautiful and improved environment through MAINTAINING, PROTECTING AND ENHANCING our community.

This website has been created to help current and new residents learn more about our community, what it has to offer, and how residents can band together.  Our community will truly thrive when we all work together.  Volunteers are always needed for tasks large and small.  Whether volunteering for a committee, part of a project, or running for the board, it all adds up! 

Once again, welcome to the Hanson Lake 2 community.  We look forward to many happy years with you as a neighbor.





Fellow HL2 Members,

Here is the latest information we have from an Emergency SID 101 meeting held today at 2PM

Sarpy Emergency Management has complete control of our Lake Access

·       They are doing everything they can to expedite this with SAFETY being paramount

o   Safety issues include but not limited to:

§  Structural integrity of homes

§  Electrical issues

§  Propane / tanks floating around the lake

§  Water quality

·       We should know more about their plan for access within 24-48 hours

·       Future access will be “Controlled” with checkpoints for entry in and out, DETAILS to come

SID 101 has an action plan and is ready once they are allowed access

·       Repair breach in levy on west end of Chris Lake

·       De-watering of the controlled wetlands (west of the lakes)

·       Currently have 3 pumps onsite ready to go once we can start pumping

o   Looking for volunteers to help install piping (hoping for Thur/Friday)

·       Inspect the integrity of the roads, expecting damage in certain areas

·       Inspect the integrity of the sewer system (need water to recede)

·       It is IMPERITIVE that NO ONE runs their grinder pumps with a generator

FEMA landed in Lincoln today and is currently working with the Governor’s office to get the ball rolling on assisting NE.

I know this isn’t what we want to hear, and the waiting is equally difficulty unfortunately this is where we are. Stay tuned we’ll get information out as soon as we can.



Fellow HL2 Members,

Our beloved lake community has suffered a tremendous beating from mother nature like none we've experienced before. To date our main levy on the south east end has held strong regardless of rumors. Although our property has been comprised, we’re extremely grateful for all of the folks that worked tirelessly trying to slow the water down and law enforcement for evacuating the lakes to ensure everyone's safety. Nobody was hurt and no lives were lost!


·  OPPD power was turned off

·  Sewer system was turned off prior to the flood and cannot be used until it’s turned back on. This will happen as soon as we can verify that the system is in working order, stay tuned for more details on this

·  Entry to the lakes as of Sunday 3/17/19 at 5PM is RESTRICTED by Sarpy Co Sheriff

·  There is a meeting tomorrow with Sarpy Emergency Management and Sheriff Dept to discuss we will be represented by Chip Frazier of SID 101

·  Water level has receded today

·  SID 101 is staging equipment for when we can gain access to the lake area for repair to the breach, evaluate the roads and sewer system

The best/most recent collaborative information can be found on the HL2 and SID 101 Facebook pages, if you’re not a member please ask to join the groups. Information from tomorrows meetings will be disseminated via Facebook.



 HL2 Facebook Page

 SID 101 Facebook Page

 Platte River at Louisville Chart

 Drone Footage from 3-17-19 appx 3PM

 HL2 Board Meeting scheduled for March 18th has been postponed


HL2 Board

                                    SAFETY IS OUR #1 PRIORITY

 HL2's Safety Committee 

 We're looking for volunteers to join the committee, please contact Mickey Luttman if you'd like to help out and have fun!

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More Transparency.  The HL2 Fee Schedule is now available for viewing.  This schedule determines how fees are collected and the timing for payments.  Lot owners are required to understand this schedule in order to avoid unnecessary late fees, etc.
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