Daviko     Awards

  • First Prize of the 2002 Multimedia Start-Up Competition of the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology, received as a co-founder of daViKo Gesellschaft für audiovisuelle Kommunikation mbH (together with G. Blättermann, D. Marpe and M. Palkow).
  • Outstanding Paper Award at 3rd Intern. Conf. on Wavelet Analysis and Its Applications, 2003, Chongqing , China
  • Second Position in „Businessplan-Wettbewerbs Berlin-Brandenburg" 2002
  • daviko wins the first prize of the international IPv6 application contest. The prize has been presented by Hasso Plattner at the 2nd German IPv6 Summit.
  • First Place Transaction Paper Award of the IEEE Consumer Electronics Society 2011 Chester Sall Award for the paper entitled "A Temporally Scalable Video Codec and its Applications to a Video Conferencing System with Dynamic Network Adaption for Mobiles", published in the IEEE Transactions on Consumer Electronics Volume57, No.3,August2011, pp.1408-1415.