A flashcard type learning application for mobile devices.

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About Pocket Sensei

Pocket Sensei is a flashcard type Java application for mobile devices.  It's geared towards learning character sets.

Currently it contains the data for the Japanese Katakana character set, and the romanized pronounciations of the characters.

The user interface is inspired by the  Kana midlet from Dreamshare.  the Kana midlet only included hiragana though, not katakana, so I created my own midlet.  


            The main learning screen.                The startup screen.


The statistics screen,  showing how well you know the different characters, and how often they have been quizzed.



You are presented with a character, and should try to remember the pronounciation.  With a press of a button the pronounciation is shown, and you can select yes or now depending on if you knew it.  Pocket Sensei uses this information to calculate your score for this session (compared to your total average score), and also collects interesting statistics.

Tip: Use the shortcut keys, they speed up the usage and reduces the risk of accidentally exiting.


Version 1.0 

Application:  PocketSensei.jar

Jad file (won't probably work):  PocketSensei.jad

Sources:   PocketSensei_src.zip 



Download PocketSensei.jar to your mobile device and install it from there.  The .jad file probably wont work (haven't looked into configuring it yet). 

Pocket Sensei uses the MIDP 1.0 profile, so it should work on most mobile devices that support Java. 


GNU GPL Version 2 (only).