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21 July 2007 

I created a patch to add asynchronous disk writing to Prevayler.

29 May 2007

While working as a Scrum Master I created some useful small tools for agile software development.  They can be downloaded from the Scrum Tools page.

28 May 2007 

In the summer 2007 I'm participating in  the Google Summer of Code program, working on a 3D map renderer for the GeoTools project.



I am working on a multiplayer game project called Skycastle.  At the moment it is still in an early development phase.


I'm interested in world generation and simulation, as well as in multiplayer game programming. I blog about those topics occasionally on my Creating Worlds blog.


August 2006

In the summer 2006 I wrote my Masters Thesis on Landscape Generation.


August 2006

During August and the beginning of September 2006 I was on a trip to Japan.

To prepare for the trip I created PocketSensei, a flashcard type Java application for mobile devices for learning Katakana.


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Later I might move some stuff here from my old homepage.