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I am Associate Professor at the Department of Economics, Uppsala University and the Institute for Labor Market and Educational Policy Evaluation (IFAU). Between 2009 and 2014 I was Assistant Professor at SOFI, Stockholm University. My research concerns a broad spectrum of issues in labor economics and related fields with a special emphasis on how investments in children influence their social and economic opportunities and the causes and consequences of criminal behavior. My dissertation received an honorable mention in the
Upjohn Institute Dissertation Award. I have previously spent time as a visiting fellow at Harvard University, Princeton University and University College London. 
Research interests
Primary: Labor economics, Economics of crime
Secondary: Education, Health, Urban, Immigration

More information can be found in my  vitae.

Publications in international journals

1. Education and Criminal Behavior: Insights from an Expansion of Upper Secondary School, with O. Åslund, C. Hall and J. Vlachos (Labour Economics)
    Working paper

2. The School Achievements of Refugee Children: Lessons from Sweden, Nordic Economic Policy Review, 2017, pp. 159-185, with Susan Niknami
    Published version

3. Time Discounting and Criminal Behavior
, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS),
2016, 133(22), with David Åkerlund, Bart Golsteyn and Lena Lindahl
Published paper, Working paper version with additional results
    Covered in The Wall Street Journal and The Economist      

4. Adolecent Time Preferences Predict Lifetime OutcomesEconomic Journal, 2014, 124(580), pp. F565-F761, with Bart Golsteyn and Lena Lindahl
    Published paper,
Working paper version
    Summary in VOX and covered in national media including TV4, Aftonbladet, TT 

5. The Great Recession, Unemployment and SuicideJournal of Epidemiology and Community Health, 2014,doi:10.1136/jech-2014-204602, with Thor Norström
    Published paper

6. Alcohol Availability and Crime: Lessons from Liberalized Weekend Sales Restrictions Journal of Urban Economics, 2014, 81(3), pp. 77-84, with Susan Niknami

    Published paper

7. Education Policy and Early Fertility: Lessons from an Expansion of Upper Secondary Education, Economics of Education Review, 2013, 37(December), pp. 13-33, with Caroline Hall
Published paper

8. Income Inequality and Health: Lessons from a Refugee Residential Assignment Program, Journal of Health Economics, 2012, 31(4), with Per Johansson and Susan Niknami
    Published paper

9. Peers, Neighborhoods and Immigrant Student Achievement: Evidence from a Placement Policy, American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, 2011, 3(2), pp. 67-95, with Per-Anders Edin, Peter Fredriksson and Olof Åslund
    Published paper

10. Family Size and Child Outcomes: Is There Really no Trade-Off?, Labour Economics, 2010,17(1), pp. 130-139, with Olof Åslund
    Published paper

11. Ethnic Enclaves and the Attainments of Immigrant Children, European Sociological Review, 2006, vol 22, no. 4. pp. 369-382
    Published paper

Unpublished work
The Intergenerational Effects of Parental Incarceration, NBER Working Paper 24186, with Will Dobbie, Susan Niknami, Mårten Palme and Mikael Priks (Reject and resubmit American Economic Review)

Early Lead Exposure and Outcomes in Adulthood
, with Peter Nilsson and Per-Olof Robling

(R&R second round at Journal of Political Economy)    Latest version

Immigrant Concentration and Crime Trajectories: Evidence from "the Whole of Sweden" Strategy
, with Susan Niknami and Per-Olof Robling

(Reject and resubmitJournal of Public Economics)

Youth Unemployment and Crime: Lessons from Longitudinal Population Records, (R&R Journal of Labor Economics)
Putting Teenagers on the Pill: The Consequences of Subsadized Contraception, (R&R Journal of Human Resources)
    Working paper
earlier working paper that includes details on the impact on labor supply

Selected work in progress

Financial Constraints and Firm Behavior, with Julien Grenet and Daniel Jahnson

Causes and Consequences of Organized Crime, with Julien Grenet, Daniel Jahnson, Susan Niknami and Paolo Pinotti


   Labor Economics (undergraduate level)
   Equality of Opportunity  (PhD level)
   Department coordinator of Master's Thesis Work