Few Orem residents know that our elected officials have increased Orem's debt from $25 million to $109 million (430%) over the last 14 years while our population has grown 6%.  That's higher than Washington DC.  We've loaned millions to UTOPIA and Midtown Village and other favored 'economic development' projects.  We've given away over $68 million dollars in subsidies to a few selected businesses the past 25 years.

Would you like a CPA guarding your tax dollars?  Would you like a 'pay as you go' versus a 'pay later' attitude?  I have not and will not vote to raise your taxes.  I will vote to let you vote on tax increases.  I was the only member of the city council to sign the petition with 5,284 other citizens, allowing citizens to vote against the tax increase the City Council voted for. Orem does not have a revenue problem but it does have a spending problem.  

Say YES to police, fire, streets, water and parks.  Say NO to government owned internet (UTOPIA), the Midtowns, subsidies, bonds and tax increases.  It's time to work on selling UTOPIA.

Orem City should not compete with private business. Nearly half of Orem's debt supports non-traditional business activities.  Listen to my radio show on KSRR 1400 every Friday morning from 10-11:00 am.

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