Welcome to my osu! site!
On here, you can download my replays, my skins, etc that was related of osu!

Skin used :
Redd Glass HD, Taiko HD, NeOsu5, IOS5, Android 5, Custom healthbar generator (combined)

My YouTube Channel : www.youtube.com/Hans5958 (Black MIDI's, osu! video, and more)
My Google+ page : google.com/+HansTM
My Website : hans5958.esy.es
My osu! profile page : osu.ppy.sh/u/Hans5958
My Replays Downloads : bit.ly/Hans5958osuReplayDownload
My osu! Videos (Playlist) : bit.ly/Hans5958osuGameplayPlaylist
My osu! Forum Page Links : Here

Stats :

Habbits :
  • Main Computer Gameplay : Using mouse, if spinner, I'll use keyboard for press it, and the mouse to spin as fast as possible
  • My ASUS Laptop Gameplay : Using touchscreen :D
  • Favorite mods : Hidden, HardRock, DoubleTime, SuddenDeath
  • Favorite mods combination : HD-HR, HD-HR-SD, HD-HR-DT-SD, HD-HR-DT-FL-PF (for record breaking)
  • When playing osu!, I always do SD and PF, because I want FC and (sometimes) 100% accuracy
  • Other place for online : CS2D, and Scratch
Credits :

Skin Credit :

  • ┬áHaskorion (Redd Glass HD)
  • TouchFluffyTail (Taiko HD)
  • OsuMe65 (NeOsu5)
  • -makoto yuki (IOS5, Android 5)
  • agubelu (Custom healthbar generator)

I'm using the Google Sites because I'm not a supporter on the osu!