Vintage Cars and Trucks

Car Shows - More Than a Spectator Hobby

Two of the largest and most well-know car shows are in our region - Carlisle and York.  People travel from all over to see them.  We also have lots of regional shows in the area.  The Tropical Treat and other local businesses and Churches host mini-meets in their parking lot.  On almost any weekend during the summer, a meet is only a short drive away.  So, it make sense that there are a lot of enthusiasts that bring their cars and trucks to these meets.  Participation in this wonderful hobby is a lot of fun and you can make friends with people that share your interest from all over south central PA.  Some people even dress up in the era of their vintage vehicle.  It's cool to see a '57 Chevy with the owners decked out in saddle oxfords and poodle dresses.

Vintage or Custom Drive-Trains and Mufflers

Of course to get to that meet, you need to have your car in good running condition.  We can help you get that way. We have worked with the restoration of a number of cars.  Our specialties include the drive-train and custom muffler systems.  Whether you want to keep it as accurate as possible or "soup it up", we can help you get there by finding the right parts and knowing what will work.

Parades are a Good Way to Show Off Your Car