Heavy-Hauling Transmissions

Is your transmission ready for the long-haul?

If you are going to be pulling a trailer a lot, your transmission will wear out pretty fast unless you have a transmission designed for towing.  Fifth wheel RV trailers can be a big load.  If your family is counting on you to get them there and back safely, it is up to you to make sure your transmission will last the whole trip - up and down the mountains.
We provide the assurance that will help you rest easy knowing that you and your truck are prepared - and that your family won't be grounded by a failed transmission.  Give us a call and talk to us about the kind of trailer that you are pulling.  We can diagnose your transmission and see how it is running before that long-haul.

Also, if you are hauling a cargo trailer for work, we can make sure that your work truck is up to the job.  Don't be grounded and let your customers down.  Know that you can haul what you need to get the job done.