Hanover Performance and Custom Muffler Center

Trick your Truck with a Name You Can Trust.

I'm Brian Fritz and I stand behind everything that my staff and I do for you.

I treat you like a neighbor.  What you say about me determines the future of my business.  So, I want you to be satisfied that you got value for your money.

Hanover Transmission is known for providing quality and honest repair services.  Besides the staff's extensive expertise and training, we are car and truck buffs.  We love our business.  So it's only natural that we are going to put our heart into providing careful installation of high performance parts for your vehicle.

Not Just Auto Parts - Performance Parts.

We are picky about our suppliers.  We want only the best for our customers.  So, we are a factory authorized performance center for every part we sell.  Of course, we handle factory warranty and service for these parts.  We take our time and install them right.

Beautiful Rods and Restorations

The Hanover area is known for our large number of auto and truck enthusiasts.  We love our vehicles.  We have worked on some wild rides and vintage classics.  Whether it's a 1953 Crown Victoria or a truck that can pull the stumps out of the field, we can make your dreams come true.