Hannu Helminen's Alternate Home Page

Ok, I finally lost hosting from my previous "home page". People don't really have home pages anymore -- it's either social networking sites or vanity domains these days. So call me old school; I'm too old to grok the former, and too lazy do do the latter.

BarCodeLib --Sorry, I lost hosting for BarCodeLib.I hope to be able to bring it up at some time, possibly on github. The old page at http://www.iki.fi/hannu.helminen/products/barcodelib/index.html doesn't work at the moment.

Which Hannu is this?

If you do a Google search, you'll find a bunch of us. To help sort my articles about the false Hannu's, here's some hints:

NOT: tennis; sailing; scout; advent church; facebook; linkedin; 

YES: C= magazine; DPLB; texture mapping; medical imaging; math olympics

To reach me: first name lastname gmail com


  • In the past I wrote a bar code library for Code128 (Windows only). DOESN'T WORK, I need hosting.

  • I wanted to tune my guitar with a microphone. There were a bunch of crappy tuners in the Internet, I tried about 6 and none really worked. Or they were shareware. So I wrote another free guitar tuner  - it might be as crappy as all the previous but at least you have the source. In fact source is all you've got :-) This version is in the public domain, but please use this nicely. Windows only, C++ source code only, MFC, MSVC6.0 or later

  • Lately I wrote a human-like sudoku solver program using wxWidgets and C++. It has almost all the techniques except the most advanced elimination techniques (those known with the fancy names like X-wings). I also implemented Knuth's Dancing Links which is very well suited for Sudoku. I am not yet sure what to do with this, I could open source it, or I could use it for something interesting. Actually I'd like to create a web app out of this, but I'd need a nice hosting for it...

  • Regarding Dancing Links, I also started working on a program for solving and creating polyomino problems. Unfortunately I only got started and current I am a bit short on motivation.

Random stuff