Meet Our Officers

President: Ryan P. Freeman 
Ryan founded the Hannibal Writers Guild when he noticed the need of an outlet for creative Hannibal residents to collaborate with each other.  He is a self-published-turning-traditional author of high fantasy.  On his website he offers author services to help fellow authors from conception to formatting to marketing and everything in between. He also has ties to the St. Louis Writers Guild, acting as their primary marketer for their annual Gateway Con.

Vice President:  Dana Lockhart
Dana is an aspiring author, current blogger, and occasional designer.  She is working on getting her first novel published, and in the meantime blogs about her writing adventures or whatever else is on her mind.  In addition, she writes for DVS Gaming.  She designed the Hannibal Writers Guild logo and threw together this website.  Her goal of being vice president is to use her relentless drive for success to boost the Hannibal Writers Guild to be the best that it can be for its members and its community.

Secretary/Treasurer:  Jason Sommerfeldt
Jason is a pastor across the river and primarily writes Christian fiction and sci fi.  He is a member of the DVS Gaming writing team. More on Jason soon.