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 The map below shows the migration of just one  haplogroup group called RIB. This is one of the largest haplogroups.

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Gedcom Files. This is short for Genealogical Data Communication which is a means for transferring Genealogical Data. This data is used to produce a "Family Tree". Members who wish can will be able to place a link here to their family tree.

Hatton-Exley-Walby-Potter-Gallagher-Duffy-Davis and Others. DNA and Research results indicate the male lineage may be from  Uais Colla  circa 300 A.D. High King of Ireland [see famous DNA] who later migrated to Scotland. Some of the better known members include Walt Disney, John Wayne, Howard Hughes and many authors and a few Presidents. Mayflower Descendants, Revolutionary Soldiers, Civil War Soldiers and First American Settlers as early as 1609, possibly 1587. The male line is R1B1 and the Maternal I.