Hannibal Square Project 

Hannibal Square Genetic Genealogy [DNA] and Family Research Project 

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The Hannibal Square Genetic Genealogy and Family Research Project is located in the Hannibal Square Heritage Center located at 642 W. New England Ave., Winter Park, Florida 32789.

To visit our display or to discuss Family History Research please call 407-644-1511 first  for an appointment  or email hannibalsquareproject@gmail.com

We have just launched our Family Tree Genetic Genealogy [DNA] Project and you can view an interesting video regarding DNA Research at www.hannibalsquare.org The Hannibal Square Project has both DNA Research and  Family History Research [Genealogy]. If you are interested in finding out more about your Family History  and/or your deep family roots please feel free to call the office for an appointment.  

We have two Family Research Specialists on staff and one Genetic Genealogy [DNA] Consultant  who is a member of the International Society of Genetic Genealogy.

All of the services are on site except the DNA process which is sent to Family Tree DNA. For a better understanding of Genetic Genealogy please feel free to call 407-644-1511. If you have a group of six or more we can arrange a presentation at the Heritage Center. 

If you have decided to join our Genetic Genealogy Project  please go to the sign up page at Hannibal Square or call the office. 

To view famous and/or Ancient DNA.

A brief explanation of the Y-DNA and mtDNA and how it passes from father to son and mother to daughter. 

Once you have your results you can join this project, if you wish, right from the Hannibal Square Site. 

Thank You 

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