Hanna Kiri Gunn

I'm a fifth year PhD student at the University of Connecticut and a research assistant for the 
Humility and Conviction in Public Life projectMy research falls broadly within the area of "social philosophy" (social epistemology, philosophy of language, and feminist philosophy), my committee consists of Michael P. Lynch (chair), Suzy Killmister, and Daniel Silvermint.  I am also working on topics in the areas of Internet epistemology and Internet ethics. Other recent projects have included work on illocutionary silencing and oppression in language, supervised by Mitch Green.

Dissertation: I argue for a unifying account of epistemic and communicative injustices by showing how these are ultimately threats to our agency. More specifically, I argue that they are threats to domain specific forms of agency. I understand "agency" as domain specific sets of competencies that are necessarily developed, maintained, and exercised within our intersubjective relationships. ("Communicative Agency and Epistemic Agency", Gunn, Dissertation Abstract).