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2013 06 10 www.xe.com add BTC, XBT FTW! http://www.xe.com/currencyconverter/convert/?Amount=1&From=XBT&To=USD

2013 06 20 Mt.Gox temporarily suspends wire & SEPA withdrawals for 2 weeks, they haven't been going through since 2013 06 14 apparently.

2013 10 24 Update: WBT ETF now on Bloomberg terminals, so pending approval - still may be a while though & not certain to be approved. Gold price went up nearly 10 fold after the invention of gold ETFs, and the asset in these ETFs has grown constantly, so this is a very bullish move for future BTC prices if it gets approved, it would make the buying, holding & selling of BTC as simple as say any stock listed on the NASDAQ.

2013 07 04 Mt.Gox reinstates wire & SEPA withdrawals but none have been received as yet, 2013 07 16 see: bounty thread.

2013 07 15 Taking the Casascius coins at face value only atm, the present total btc/ltc balance as shown by altco.in above, click image to view.

2013 07 18 SatoshiDice sold for US$12.4 million apparently.

2013 07 19 First confirmed reports of Mt. Gox US$ wires & SEPA € withdrawals arriving.

2013 07 20 Invested 10 BTC with the SatoshiDice competitor from dooglus Just-Dice.com where you can effectively participate as part of the house which has a 1% edge, any profits are proportionally paid out/rolled over less a 5% site fee, from 2013 08 12 it's a 10% house fee.

2013 07 21 Up over 2.6% in under 24 hours & compounding, nice.

2013 07 22 Invested an additional 7 BTC with Just-Dice for a total of 17 BTC, balance there 17.21 BTC atm.

2013 07 23 Gift from Richard of an additional 3 BTC sent to Just-Dice for a total of 20 BTC, balance there 20.146 BTC atm. (The house isn't doing too well lately).

2013 07 27 Balance on Just-Dice now 21.57 BTC, a profit of 1.57 BTC. For historical J-D site profit graph see:  x = date, y = BTC.

2013 07 29 First country to effectively make using Bitcoin (& by implication all virtual currencies) illegal is Thailand. Edit, actually seems to be just opinion or FUD & not any laws about this. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/currency/10210022/Bitcoins-banned-in-Thailand.html - some major inaccuracies re Bitcoin, but anyway.

Gifting (but to repay if manage to break even again) some spare coins 18.22215 BTC so far to Hannah's JD for some long shot betting, playing Martingale etc = lots of red...

2013 06 17 JD profit of 3.23 BTC so far, on the 20 BTC invested.


2013 09 02 Lent Hannah 63 BTC for some 1 in 10 bets, repaid & now up by 1.006 BTC in betting plus 3.49 BTC in investment profits, total balance on Hannah's JD 24.56 BTC atm.

2013 09 03 Taking the Casascius coins at face value only atm (37.50 BTC, but 43.80 BTC paid & hopefully able to sell for more in Air-Tites at BTC conferences etc), the present total btc/ltc balance as shown by altco.in above, note they are using Mt. Gox prices which are 10% approx above market atm, (ie Bitstamp is at $130/BTC).

2013 09 09 Gift of 3 BTC from me as had some good wins on JD last lately, added to Hannah's JD, total in now: 23 BTC + 3.62 invest profits + 1.006 BTC bets profit = 27.68 BTC balance atm.

Hitler got screwed by Bitcoin weekend dip and is reminiscing about his Bitcoin mining career.YouTube · 3:50 · 5 months ago. Hitler got screwed again by Bitcoin "weekend dip", got his money frozen in Cyprus and deeply regrets all the mist...

2013 09 14 Lent (= lost now to the site's investors) Hannah's JD 92 BTC for a little Marti fun & after just 38 bets playing this did unfortunately run in to a 12 loss streak (Martinfail, odds of these are 4,096:1), some weird luck to snag one of those so early on, that's like an $11,600 hit or > 2,000 pints of beer depending on your unit of measurement, so no more Martis & little beer for the foreseeable future.

Opps, le profits.

2013 09 23 Just-Dice investors have been losing heavily over the last few days as Nakowa (aka towtoad, celi, celeste, allover, cake, etc) has taken over 10,000 BTC (> $1.3 million) from the site, Hannah's share of the site profit went from over 3.66 BTC to minus 2.50 BTC when I pulled out as with this much variance & not knowing if it's just a run of bad luck, or something fundamentally flawed about the concept, it seemed prudent to cut the losses. He did donate some of his profits to another very good cause, so at least a portion of that loss went somewhere worthwhile, which is good to see. Now he & a couple of other whales seem bent on either breaking the casino bank or going bankrupt themselves in the process, I'm staying out, though it's tempting to bet on the swings of variance by investing/divesting feel that it's just too risky atm. Will try and make some coins elsewhere to replace those of Hannah's lost, a total of 6.16 BTC from investment or at least the 2.50 BTC she was up.

They also made a good Bitcoin education site: https://www.secondmarket.com/education/learn/bitcoin-education-center

2013 10 01 "Bitcoin Investment Trust" on Bloomberg terminal.

2013 10 02 Big news day, FBI busts the SR also in most main stream news too, ie from the BBC, plus Bitcointalk forum hacked, site user's emails & hashed passwords for sale - this may be fake ones it seems.

2013 10 04 New users of Bitcoin incoming thanks to US Gov.

Edit to add image Oct 22nd, instead of just link from Oct 4th.

2013 09 30 decided to re-invest 23.38508426 BTC in Hannah's Just-Dice, 2013 10 07 divested 7 BTC, having made 2.27 BTC mostly all thanks to the merchs mad bet, so balance is 25.658 BTC atm, part-invested 2013 10 06.

2013 10 06 Taking the Casascius coins at face value only atm (37.50 BTC, but 43.80 BTC paid & hopefully able to sell for more in Air-Tites at BTC conferences etc), the present total btc/ltc balance as shown by altco.in above (down from 2013 09 03), note they are using Mt. Gox prices which are 10% approx above market atm, (ie Bitstamp is at $122/BTC).

2013 10 28 Lent Hannah fund 1 BTC to play on my competition for when will 1 BTC = $1,000. Spent 0.31 + 0.34 BTC so far.

2013 10 08 Bitstamp banks in Slovenia so keep an eye on that if you use them, I do & find them excellent but perhaps best not to leave fiat funds there for too long atm.

2013 10 15 Baidu (NASDAQ:BIDU) accepts BITCOIN! that's Alexa #5 the fifth biggest site on the Web. Though it's just a small part of that company following fashion & wanting to look trendy with the latest new thing, there are Chinese though who are putting real money in to BTC atm, see BTC Wiki stats in China for 2013 11 01.

2013 10 18 https://vaultofsatoshi.com - Canadian global exchange opens for BTC/LTC/USD trading.

2013 10 22 See post above of 2013 10 04, price now up 45% in just 18 days, from $140 to over $200. 

2013 10 25 The price carried on up to $234 before correcting on the 24th & 25th Oct.

2013 10 25 Bitcoin endorsed by top hedge fund manager ft.com - Michael Novogratz, principal and co-chief investment officer of macro funds at Fortress Investment Group ($54.6 billion of funds) "Put a little money in Bitcoin. Come back in a few years and it’s going to be worth a lot" Bloomberg.com

2013 10 30 An excellent round up of the current state of Bitcoin & also why the price is probably going: To the moon!!! ┗(°0°)┛ 

2013 10 29 Man buys $27 of bitcoin in 2009, forgets about them, finds they're now worth $886k - Great story in most worldwide media bring much new interest in crypto-currencies.

After losing 24% during the last week and 6% in the prior 24 hours, the USD breached it's all time low and resumed it's three year long collapse against Bitcoin.

In June of 2010, one Bitcoin was worth $0.004 : Now one dollar is worth 0.004 Bitcoin

2013 11 19 Important breaking news: mostly because of very eye catching Asian journo covering the US Senate hearing BTC <3 fest

Also in other news 1 BTC > $1,000 on the main Chinese exchange

Dec 2013 onwards - Traveling atm & haven't had time to keep this up to date....

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