03 Screen Shots

An Offer  - Note, suspended as I'm doing so poorly atm 2012 03 02 :-(

If anyone else would like me to set up similar accounts with web pages for anyone or for themselves then please to contact me & for a donation to Hannah's fund of $50 I will set up the accounts for you or $100 for the accounts plus the same web pages as here then I would do that & pass them over to you, if you'd like me to (approx.) mirror Hannah's trades on the sites then I would deduct 10% of any profits per month for Hannah with a minimum investment needed of 100 BTC - note that if it all goes TU then I am not responsible in any way.

Trading Summary

5 BTC to Mt.Gox - gift from Richard 6 Jan 2012

$20 to Bitcoinica (no positions taken atm) - gift from Richard 6 Jan 2012

Total Balance atm

5 BTC @ $5.62 = $28.10 + $20 = $48.10

Temp updates 2012 02 07

Note: moved the 5 BTC from Gox to Bica for extra margin having taken a long position of 17.63 BTC @ $5.666 base price atm  

returned the 5 BTC to Gox & instead lent Hannah's Bitcoinica 100 BTC to use as margin

increased longs with 20 BTC @ $5.55

& 20 BTC @ $5.48

total longs atm 57.63 BTC @ $5.56 base price

2012 02 08

increased longs with 40 BTC @ $5.40

total longs atm 97.63 BTC @ $5.49 base price, Zhoutong price (price at which one gets forcibly liquidated) = $2.72 (not counting the extra $20 margin so < that) 
P/L +$21.76

2012 02 06 ~ On day 1: Gift from Richard 5 BTC to Mt.Gox - Bitcoin exchange

Gift from Richard $20 to Bitcoinica - a margin trading site for Bitcoins

Opened a long position of 17.63 BTC at a Base Price of $5.6660 P/L -$1.27

Bought BTC on my main account to try & kick start a rally as the EMA(10) crossed over EMA(21) 
& moved the price from $5.65 to $5.70 but unfortunately it was short lived & the price fell again, for now

Loaned BTC 100 to increase the margin here & placed some Limit Buy Orders, P/L atm -$3.15

Next day: Limit Buy Orders filled for 20 BTC @ $5.55 & 20 BTC @ $5.48 which brings the Base Price down to
$5.5583 & happily the sell price subsequently rose to $5.6099 so for the total 57.63 BTC long position giving 
an unrealised P/L now of +$2.97

Day 3 ~ 2012 02 08

an extremely volatile day with price swings of up to $0.55 per BTC (about 10%), so that meant that some of the  
buy limit orders got filled, which were 40 @ $5.40 added to the long position & the above screenie now showing
an unrealised (which all are until the position is closed out) P/L of +$21.76 
[note daily price swings of up to 25% should be allowed for & 30% have happened recently, plus anything is possible]

due to this volatility Bitcoinica spreads are very large atm ($0.35), so position now showing a P/L of -$19.09

total longs atm 97.63 BTC @ $5.49 base price, the Zhoutong price 
(the price at which one gets forcibly liquidated) = $2.72 which is OK (safe enough)
(not counting the extra $20 margin so < that in fact) 

- it's all over the place today...

a few hours later, added to longs 2.37 BTC @ $5.54 so now total long 100 BTC @ base price of $5.49 still
& P/L now being +$13.42

ideally one wants to be long just on Mt.Gox & any shorts to do on Bitcoinica, but will let this run for now

Day 4 ~ 2012 02 09

P/L after 4 days now running around +$22.17 so all is well, this from $20 initially invested, but with the loaned extra 100 BTC margin
the longs are now 1:1 (no leverage) which takes a 96% price fall to wipe out, better safe than sorry ;-) which is how I plan to run this venture...

(note: that the 100 BTC on the currency account is a temp loan from me for margin to speculate with, but the P/L due to this goes to Hannah)

P/L +$31.28 

[& even my personal account buy of 3 days ago @ $5.65 to $5.70 is showing a profit with a Mt.Gox price of $5.90 atm FTW] 

Day 5 ~ 2012 02 10 (happy birthday mum :-))

chart of the first 5 days, EMA(10) < EMA(21) atm, so hopefully the BTC price will continue to climb though I just realised with my
100 BTC loan there's no need now to keep Hannah's $20 for margin here any more & it would be better to buy BTC with it on Mt.Gox,
I'll await a price correction or the next spike downwards (of say 10%) to do so

P/L +$37.52

P/L +$41.96

plus the 5 BTC on Mt.Gox that I gave at the start of this have also increased in value by +5.4%
from $5.62 each to $5.92 for a $29.60 total value atm

Day 6 ~ 2012 02 11

I moved the $20 from Bitcoinica to Mt.Gox & left a limit buy order for it but expect I'll have to pay more than my offer there,
but after nearly a week & over 5% price rise there's probably going to be some price correction this W/E

The price fell nearly 7% 0n Mt.Gox to $5.50 wiping out the P/L of +$41.96 on Bitcoinica for now, I should have liquidated & gone short 
for the weekend, but anyway the order for $20 worth of BTC on Mt.Gox got filled @ $5.62 at least. 

Total balance atm: 8.54 BTC (+ 100 BTC loaned for margin trading), cash $0

P/L -$0.17 atm

Day 7 ~ 2012 02 12

recovered somewhat P/L +$17.61

but unfortunately not for long...

should totally have gone short for the W/E at 10:1
P/L -$7.16 now