18 Geocache

I've made a geocache type future gift for Hannah near to where I'm sure that she'll visit some time in the future here in Spain, it's a 1 gram Pamp Suisse Fortuna gold bar in a Bison capsule, present (7th Jan 2012) melt value of $55.55 retail eBay price approx $75 + P/P.
I will email the GPS coordinates & treasure map clues to hannahlogo@gmail.com 

If you'd like to do this then I suggest the following;

Make sure that the site you pick is public or guaranteed accessible for at least the next 20 years, the item/s are of greater value than the cost of going to retrieve them, email the location or GPS coordinates to hannahlogo@gmail.com (subject Hannah Geocache) your gift can be a surprise or stated - include any info necessary for retrieval, i.e. bring a metal detecter, small powerful rare earth magnet on a string, or a JCB, gift caches can be added to over the years if you like, see the gc site for more general info, have fun

I will post here your very approx cache location, nearest town or village say, to add to this google world map as groupings of caches would be good & let us know what is in it if you choose to share

I think that these caches would be best by default to pass on to Hannah at 16 years old, but you can stipulate at what age/s if you like np

Google world map to add <

Note: This idea put on hold for now