Mrs. Wold's Class


"Our mission at Bonneville Elementary is to inspire and support all students to attain high levels of learning and citizenship through a nurturing and collaborative culture."


Monday 8/20 First day of school

Monday 8/27 First day of kindergarten

Tuesday 8/28 First day of preschool

Thursday 8/30 Hearing Screening & DIBELS beginning of year reading test

Friday 8/31 Fire Drill practice


Monday 9/3 Labor Day Holiday (No School)

Tuesday 9/11 Mrs. Wold will be at a training for "Building Effective Readers" (BER) and will have a sub in the afternoon

Friday 9/21 Loveland Living Planet Aquarium brings the rainforest van to the second grade classes

Wednesday 9/26 School Picture Day

Friday 9/28 (Mrs. Wold will be out for medical leave for the next 2 weeks having a tonsillectomy)


Congratulations to Mrs. Wold for being named October employee of the month!

10/2 & 10/4 is SEP conferences (unfortunately Mrs. Wold will be gone for medical leave.) If you need to conference with Mrs. Wold please contact her to schedule a time to meet. Otherwise, see you during the winter SEP conferences.

10/8 Colombus Day (we still have school on this day)

10/15 Zombie Fun Run

10/16 Lockout Drill at school (no one, including parents, will be allowed in or out of the school from 1-2pm on this day)

10/18-10/22 Fall Break (enjoy family time)

10/23 Mrs. Wold will be gone in the morning training new BYU practicum students that will be starting that afternoon in our second grade class (please welcome Courtney Gunnerson and Emma McClain for the next four weeks in our class!)

10/26 Bonneville has a school wide professional development training for teachers on how to better implement writing lesson plans with our students (all students will have a sub on this day)

10/31 Halloween (parade and party)

NOTE: Students are encouraged to dress up for Halloween day. No blood, gore, or masks are permitted at school at any time. Please leave costume props such as swords and guns at home. Plan on wearing your costume to school and leaving it on for the entire school day if you wish to participate.


11/4 Daylight Savings ("Fall Back" an hour)

11/6 Election Day & Field Trip to OJHS to watch a play "The Odyssey"

11/11 Veteran's Day

11/12 Veteran's Day observance (we still have school on this day)

11/13 Second Grade Come Read with Me (9:15-9:45 in the classroom)

11/14 Second grade teachers will be at a "Building Effective Readers" professional development training in the afternoon and there will be a sub

11/15 Mrs. Wold is the second grade "team leader" and as such she has to attend a leadership meeting all day on this Thursday and there will be a substitute teacher

11/21-11/23 Thanksgiving break (no school)


12/3 Hanukkah

12/20-1/2 Winter Break Holiday (no school) see you in 2019!

12/24 Christmas Eve

12/25 Christmas

12/26 Kwanzaa

12/31 New Year's Eve


1/1 New Year's Day

1/12 Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday (no school)


2/2 Groundhog's day

2/5 Lunar New Year

2/14 Valentine's Day

2/18 President's Day


Friday 3/29 Field Trip to Farm Field Days & Quick lunch then back to school for an emergency drill involving parents