About Popplet
Popplet is an online website that allows users to visualize ideas. It can be used for graphic organizers, timelines, presentations, and many other forms of visual organization. The website, which is linked above, is free and very user friendly. Before you officially make an account, you can even practice on a Popplet board to see if it is really what you want to use for your specific project.

To start with Popplet you must create an account. To get there click "Try it out!", which brings you to a demo Popplet and allows you to try out the website, like I mentioned above. Then in the upper right corner you will see a button that says "sign up", from there it will ask for basic information like your name, email address, and a password. After this, you have your free account!

From this point forward the website is extremely easy to use. To create a Popplet, you click the button at the top of your home page that says, "make a new Popplet". After this a small screen will pop up and this is where you name the Popplet and pick the background color, after you make these decisions click "make it so", and then you have a blank Popplet ready to use. 

On the blank Popplet page there are a few tools to help you to create your page that are extremely easy to use. For starters, you can double click to create a Popplet square. In this square you can write text, post pictures, and even draw, depending on what button you press which is located on the lower part of the square. Popplet squares can also be connected to create a web effect. To do this click on one Popplet square and you will see four circles pop up on all sides of the square, click one, and simply drag it to the square you want it to connect with. When you are finished creating your Popplet, click "share" located in the upper right hand corner of the screen, and you can share it via hyperlink, embedded, or on social media pages like twitter and Facebook. 

How I could use Popplet in my Classroom
There are a number of ways I can use Popplet in my classroom; this includes but is not limited to presentations, posters, and projects. What is useful about this website is that since it is so user-friendly, not only can teachers use it in their lesson plans, but students can use it as well. All of the categories above, presentations, posters, and projects are applicable to both teachers and students.

Teachers can use this site when creating their lesson plans as a way of presenting information to the students. This is beneficial because it will be a new medium to students and therefore spark their interest to pay attention. I also think Popplet would be useful in creating posters for around the classroom, specifically in looking at the ability to create a web like feature on your Popplet. For subjects such as writing and days of the week, I think this feature would work well with poster designs. 

Though teachers can definitely use this website, I think it is most useful for students. It is an extremely simple site and easy to use therefore, even young students can understand and use it. For example they can use it when taking notes, once again I think the fact that Popplet squares can connect like a web would greatly help with note taking. Students can also use this to create projects and presentations. Though these projects wouldn't be very in depth, the Popplet would still allow them to give basic facts and pictures. 

Description of my Project
This specific project is targeted towards the common cores standard, 1.E.1.2, "Recognize patterns of observable changes in the Moon's appearance from day to day". So this was meant to introduce the different phases of the moon to first graders. The main Popplet page gives an overview of each phase of the moon along with their picture. Within the first page there are links to three other Popplet pages which offer a little more information about the main phases of the moon. Overall this Popplet is meant to act as both an introduction and closing to the lessons on phases of the moon.

Among the phases of the moon there are two main phases that this specific Popplet goes a little more in depth with, this is Gibbous moons and Crescent moons. On the main page of the Popplet there is a square that links to these two different Popplets. You can tell which belongs to which phase because the square that links to the specific Popplet is connected like a web to the pictures of the moon of these phases. Within these Popplets just a little more information is given, which provides the students the students with an even bigger overview. It gives information about the phase name, what the moon will look like, and different times it will rise and set. 

In the center of my first Popplet it says "Phases of the moon" and right under that you can see a link to another Popplet page. This page is meant for extra review and practice for students. Under this page there are Popplet squares that link out to different games and review questions so that students can practice and test their knowledge. This is when the Popplet would be used for a closing to the lesson because the students need some knowledge about the phases of the moon before this point.