Hello everyone!  I am Hannah Roberts, a Marymount University graduate student.  I am studying to become a secondary Social Studies teacher.  I also substitute teach for Fairfax County Public Schools, work at Starbucks in Vienna, VA, and plan my upcoming wedding (coming up soon on October 4th 2014!).  I am a NOVA native, and was homeschooled with my wonderful family from grades second through 12th.  It was wonderful, and absolutely the best education I could have ask for.  After finishing high school, I went to the University of Dallas and studied Political Philosophy and Law.  During my time at UD, I was able to spend a semester in Rome, Italy and a month in Avila, Spain.  I’ve been very blessed to have a wonderful education that has taught me to love learning, and I want to share this love with others.  My biggest educational passion is for history and politics, because I think that learning about the story of mankind and the way humanity interacts teaches us more about ourselves as persons.  I see studying the humanities as a life-long pursuit that all people should have in common.

 In my personal life, I enjoy spending time with my wonderful parents and siblings.  I have a 21 year brother, a 19 years old brother, a 15 year old brother, and a 12 year old sister.  I also spend a lot of time with my lovely fiance, watch a lot of Game of Thrones, and plan a lot of weddings (my best friend and I are getting married within 7 weeks of each other and are one another’s maids of honor).  I spend much of my times in the car, so I have become an avid listener of NPR news, and especially like Marketplace (on at 6pm).


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