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Game 1

Game 1 is the first instance of anyone ever attempting to execute a chat-based RPG using the Arpeggio system detailed on this website, Ostinato. The Apathetic Arbiter of Game 1 is me, the Grate Oracle Lewot; the players are my online posse: BlueKara, Bizz, and hegel5000 (someone named Anthony has recently joined as well); and the initial setting is the Mario universe, mainly extrapolated from the Paper Mario and Mario & Luigi series. The main characters are a drunken teenage girl who became BlueKara after a sex change operation, a singing "shadow tracker" in the vein of a Thief from Fire Emblem, and a mute dragon powered by nuclear fission; Anthony's character is a Shy Guy of mechanical prowess, bearing a curious (but coincidental) resemblance to Sylvia from this thing. The game is hosted over Windows Live Messenger, colloquially referred to as "MSN" (because it used to be called MSN Messenger).

At the time of writing, Game 1 has not officially ended, but has rather petered out. Because I wrote so much information for it, I have decided to transfer much of it to the new Default Data section, and it can now serve as, well, default data. The information that is specific to Game 1 remains here, collecting dust, and will be available for viewing since the game is no longer in progress.