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I am Han Li. I came from China to venture my dreams on a brand new journey.

I am software engineer in ZYNGA, working on a mobile title of the FarmVille series. 

I graduated from University of Pennsylvania, Computer Graphics and Game Technology M.S. program which trains us through the most advanced CG techs in the industry: Modeling, Rendering, Real Time Shading & Game Design, all cool stuffs.
With what we've learnt, it is time to bring all fantasies and imaginations into CG, into reality.
In the real plane, I like music, tennis, science fictions and of course, games. I am a big fan of cars and driving, Computer DIY and tuning.
I also cook Chinese dishes, T-Bone steaks and Japanese sushi, because I don't like local food trucks!

Please contact me here, my friend:
lihan8688@gmail.com; hanli1@seas.upenn.edu