Welcome to my website!

I've designed this primarily to be a place to communicate with members of the philosophical community (and potential search committees) about what I'm up to as a scholar and an educator. I hope you find it useful.

I'm a lecturer in the philosophy department at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, the Managing Editor of the Journal of the History of Philosophy, and a card-carrying Idealist. As a scholar, I focus on Kant and Hegel's critique of rationalism, which means lots of good times poring over the Critique of Pure Reason and the Science of Logic. When I was hiking the Appalachian Trail (pictured at right), I used to say that there was nothing harder than Hegel, even hiking for days on end in the rain (I'd keep a copy of Hegel's Logic in my pack). But I found then as I do now that there is also nothing more philosophically rewarding than his system, and that it continues to offer invaluable insight into understanding who we moderns are and what we're about. It's this excitement for his thinking and the philosophical tradition he inherited and influenced that makes me thankful each day I set to work on his dialectic.

When I'm not digging around arcane systems, you'll probably find me running--either after my own kids (they're quick!) or on the trails in and around Madison. And as any runner knows, your best thoughts often come to you on the move.

Thanks for stopping by.

--Hank Southgate