Phantom Powered Flashlight
Feb 5, 2007

Pocket-size LED flashlight for sound techs plugs into and gets power from mike cable with 48V phantom power.

That's right... MIKE, not mic. Get over it! (Or don't)


10mm white ultra-bright LED
Female XLR-type connector
3/8" ID grommet 


WARNING! LEDs are heat sensitive! Put an alligator clip on the leads while soldering.
Connect pins 1 and 2 of the XLR together
Connect the long lead of the LED to pins 2 & 3 with a couple inches of insulated flexy wire.
Connect the short lead to pin 1 with a couple inches of insulated flexy wire.
On your mix board, turn on the +48 supply on the channel you wish to use, mute that channel and plug the light in.
If you've got a channel unused due to bad fader, switching, etc. , use it for this.

The 48 Volts through the channel's 6k8 phantom supply resistors lights up the LED at a brilliance perfect for
poking round in back of an amp rack, etc.  The LED current is limited by the 6k8 resistors to a safe level for the LED.
No resistors are needed in the XLR. The ones in the mike channel are all it needs.
This will not harm your board in any way. A properly designed phantom supply system will handle
a dead short on any mike channel indefinately. This is not a short. It pulls about 8 mA.

It puts out an amazing amount of light!