Pecannon - November 18, 2006

It happened in the back yard.  Bruce and I had been working on the kitchen cabinets, milling more trim. \

The whole time the squirrels were cutting pecans and, I swear, I think they were throwing them at us. 

When Emory came over, he sat in a lawn chair.  I think they began to lead him like you would lead a duck

when you're hunting, because as he moved from one spot to another they even hit him.  We had been talking about b-b guns, shot guns, rifles, small explosive charges, and other squirrel remedies, when I noticed that those old H-shaped black conduit frames that'd been lying around the back yard had one leg that was just a little smaller diameter than most of these pecans that the squirrels were cutting.  I took one and hammered it in one leg of the frame and it fit pretty tight.  The sharp edge on the pipe trimmed the green husk to a snug fit.
I said, "Hm-m-m."  Then, I said, "Bruce, pull out the welding machine.  Emory, grab the drill press vice."

We drilled a hole in the plate, welded across one end of the pipe and drilled a 7/16" hole and shoved a male air chuck disconnect in the hole and welded it up with the MIG, clamped it in the vice on the pole, shoved the air chuck on it, and lo and behold, it shot a pecan over the neighbor's garage and on into the next yard.


We quickly learned to adjust elevation by how we clamped it and the windage by rotating the vice.  After we cleaned some of the rust out of what we now call the barrel of the pecannon (say "pee cannon") it to where we could make a big greasy spot out of a pecan on the fence all the way across the yard.  We shot a Diet Coke can off the top of a 7' tall amp rack.  I tried to get Bruce to put it on top of his head, but he's smarter than that now.

We haven't hit a squirrel yet, but we've scared a bunch of them out of the tree.  I don't know if it was the pecannon or us laughing so hard or the sound of the air compressor running that chased them off, but as long as we're out there hurling pecans back at them, they don't seem to be in my tree as much.

More testing to come, including larger hose, a reservoir and higher pressure.  Squirrels beware!


Find a piece of pipe of the right size to cram the green pecans into tightly,
connect a butterfly valve to it and connect the valve to an air tank with a fitting
that fits the air hose from your compressor.

Almost done:




Terrorize squirrels, neighbors and birds.