Parabolic Reflector for USB Wi-Fi - Jan 28, 2007

We needed a little more signal strength on our wi-fi between the CNC computer in the shop and the design computer in the house. 

I saw a similar reflector made for the vertical antenna on a  Linksys WAP and figured it should work on a USB device.

It does! 

Piece of 3/4" plywood, at least 2" by 6"
Piece of aluminium window screen, 7.5" by 6". Plastic won't work.

Figure 1 - Paper stuck to plywood:

Figure 5 is the template shown here.

Figure 2 - Cutting the slot for the cable:


Figure 3 -  Done:
(Pardon the blueness from our tarp) 

Screen stapled to back side, stick behind screen stabilizes screen and is the support. 
Our USB cable had a round section at the cable end of the connector which made mounting easy.
You might need to woogle the hole a bit if yours is flat or rectangular. 


Figure 4 -  In Use:


This reflector gives about 3 dB of gain and better directionality over the omni antenna.
It was just what we nedded to get good signal strength and connectivity.

 Figure 5 - Get the full size of this pix to use as template:
(Right-click, Save Image As...)