Hot Wire Plastic Cutter - Jan 27 2007

We needed to cut up soft drink bottles to make parts for an Anemometer so...

...yeah, we made one! 

Out of scraps.

Pretty easy to figure out. Just do it!

A .024 guitar string run from the top of the arm (note the Gibson/Kluson tuner) to under the table with
a little voltage and lots of current. The string does not glow! If it does, it's too hot!
An old filament transformer (6.3 Volts @ 10 Amps) is under the table mounted in a PC PSU box that was gutted.

WARNING!   We connected ours through a Variac set to 70 Volts.
A rectifier filament transformer (5 Volts @ >5 Amps) could probably used without a Variac.
We used a .024 unwound string. Feel free to try smaller ones. YMMV




 After making this and under the influence of the fumes it produces, you might like this.