Royal Icing

Royal icing recipe that I use is  Antonia 74 icing recipe.

Recipe for Royal Icing                               
3/4 cup warm water
5 TBL meringue powder
1 tsp cream of tartar
1kg of powdered sugar/sifted//2.25 lbs/
2 tsp  vanilla extract
Make sure all your tools are grease free! 
I wipe my tools with a piece of paper towel and vinegar. Wipe dry with a a clean towel.
-sift the powdered sugar
-mix  using a whisk 5 TBL of meringue powder with warm water, until slightly foamy, add cream of tarter,  mix again and then add all the powdered sugar at once. Using your stand mixer, on the lowest setting, using paddle attachment, mix for 10 minutes, after 10 minutes you can add your flavorings.

icing will be thick
- you can now color your icing
- when not in use store this icing in an airtight container
-this icing behaves really well even after several weeks, just keep it in the airtight container and remix the icing when you are ready to use it again. Store in the fridge.

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