Hani Abdeen
Hani Abdeen
PhD in Computer Science - Software Engineering
Researcher in Software Engineering at 
Department of Computer Science and Operations Research (DIRO) 
University of Montreal
email: [Lname]ha AT [iro.umontreal.ca]
Dr. Hani Abdeen is currently researcher and lecturer of Software Engineering at the department of computer science and operations research (DIRO, GEODES) at the University of Montreal, under the direction of Prof. H. Sahraoui. Previously, he was postdoc also at GEODES-DIRO (2014), and before at Qatar University in the International Center of Excellence in Software Engineering (ICESE) (2012-2013). He received his PhD degree in computer science from the Lille University of Science and Technology (Lille, France) – USTL, in Nov. 2009, and his PhD supervisor is Prof. S. Ducasse. His research interests lie mainly in the areas of Software Maintenance & Quality, Software Evolution, and Search-Based Software Engineering (SBSE). He is author of several scientific papers in international conferences and journals. According to Google Scholar, his h-index is 7. Dr. Abdeen worked as an adjunct instructor at the Lille University of Science and Technology and at the University of Savoie (2006-2009), and as an assistant professor of computer science at international academic institutes (2010-2011). He is a Software developer and maintainer, with good experience in the development and maintenance of industrial, as well as open-source, Object-Oriented software systems (e.g., the Moose platform for software and data analysis).

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