Welcome to Professor Han Hsu's Computational Materials Group, where condensed matter physics meets Earth and planetary sciences. We combine state of the art first-principles calculations with other theoretical techniques (e.g. thermodynamics) to study (1) Earth and planetary materials under high pressure and temperature, and (2) complex oxides (bulks, thin films, and heterostructures) with novel electronic and magnetic properties. If you are interested in computational materials science and/or its interdisciplinary applications, please check the "Opportunities" page for available positions in our group.

歡迎來到徐翰教授主持的計算材料研究組,凝態物理與地球及行星科學交會之處。我們結合尖端的第一原理計算及其他理論工具,探索 (1) 高溫高壓環境下的地球及行星內部物質,及 (2) 具新穎電性及磁性的複雜氧化物 (塊材、薄膜、異質結構)。若你對計算材料科學及其跨領域應用有興趣,請至「Opportunities (徵才)」頁面查看本組空缺。

Contact Information:
Han Hsu (徐翰)
Associate Professor
Department of Physics
National Central University
Taoyuan City 32001
+886-3-422-7151 ext 65303