Africa Jan '08 - Kilimanjaro

We were lucky enough to climb Kilimanjaro.  Another trip highlight.  Four days to go up to acclimatize and one day to go down.  Much to our chagrin, we had 7 men help the two of us up the mountain.  One guide, one assistant-guide, a cook, a waiter (I wish I was joking) and three porters.  For real.  That's how things are done at Kili.  Anyway we made it up and it was amazing!

Day naive.

Day 1 was a beautiful hike through a lush forest.

Dinner is served. Literally.  By our waiter, right into our tent.

Day 2 was busy.  

Mount Meru in the distance. The scenery was stunning around Kili.

  Still day 2. The peak is far away.  The trees were getting a bit stumpy.

The camp on day 3. We're getting closer...

There was a beautiful sunset that night so I spent a long time taking photos.

Woah! We're getting so close. 4000m and no altitude problems!  We are now above the tree-line so its all rock.

Day 4. Probably my favourite part of the week. We got to do some scrambling up the rocks. The rest of the climb was regular hiking. That evening we started our summit hike at midnight.

Doh! Here is my summit shot. Forgot to turn my flash on. 5900m. Breathing was difficult at this point. It was also freakin' cold. The summit hike was really hard compared to the rest of the climb. I was sick as a dog too so that didn't help.

Beautiful sunrise on the way down.

Good morning! I was tired and hungry at this point. Almost back to camp.

Back at camp with the assistant guide. Time for food! And rest and then back down the rest of the mountain. We hiked down the mountain for ~6 hours. My knees were a mess by the end of it. But what a feeling to be at the bottom! And what a way to end our African Adventure!!