Africa Jan '08 - Misc Bike Shots

Tanzanians use bikes to get around everywhere.  We managed to rent some crappy mountain bikes quite a few times while we were there.  It was always an adventure.  Here are some shots I took of bikes.

They will carry anything and everything on bikes in Tanzania simply because they have to. We were constantly amazed at the huge loads.

Kari is riding with our friend Andre's bike. She dropped it in the middle of the road shortly after this shot was taken right in front of a big ass truck. Luckily he didn't hit it. I almost peed myself laughing. Andre was not impressed.

Tanzanians often double each other so Kari & I decided to try it out. We took turns and when Kari was in the driver's seat, she steered over a huge bump on purpose while exclaiming "hold onto your unit!"

These bikes are called Phoenix Flyers and they are all over Tanzania. Sturdy bikes.

Another Phoenix Flyer.