Africa Jan '08 - The Orphanage

By far the highlight of my trip.  We volunteered in an orphanage...mostly doing chores like fetching well water, cooking, cleaning and playing with the kids.  The kids were awesome.  I miss them like crazy.

Are they cute or what.

Saidi put stickers on his face one night.

This is beautiful Saum. She was at the orphanage 7 days a week and worked 12 hours per day. She was amazing.

I loved Prisca. She was my little side-kick. She liked my sunglasses.

These kids followed Kari and I on a run for 30 minutes & all the way home where this pic was taken. Run Forest, Run!

Here is the pump we installed so the orphanage would have reliable running water. Yeah so we kinda screwed up a little and almost flooded the complex...had to pull an all nighter to prevent it from happening. Needless to say, we called a plumber in the morning.