frica Jan '08 - Dar es Salaam

We spent a week in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania's largest city learning Swahili.  It was hot.  And a city.  It wasn't the highlight of the trip for me needless to say.  I did make the best of it though!

Kari got some new shades.

We went on a spice/tropical fruit tour and this little guy climbed a coconut tree for us. He used a rope around his feet to "grip" the tree.

Beware of the ever present danger of falling coconuts.

This was a cool island where we hiked and swam and where I got coral stuck in the bottom of my foot. Ouchie.

I got my hair braided and...

...kinda looked like a 10 year old

African graffiti

I don't like fishing but this boat was awesome.