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Arduino Mini Temporary FTDI Header

posted May 13, 2010, 10:00 AM by Eric McKinley   [ updated Jul 7, 2010, 2:25 PM ]
Using the Arduino Mini in an installation is great for its size and price.  The only problem is uploading code. 
I didn't want to solder headers on each of the three boards, as they will be a permanent installation.

I found these cool header pins in a broken VCR.  They were used to attach the power supply board at a set height to the main board.  I'm sure you can find something else that would work just as well.

With a coated paperclip (or a breadboard jumper, though these aren't as stiff), we can apply the header temporarily and securely. 

  1. Straighten the paperclip, except for the small bend.
  2. Set header into Arduino Mini, and lean it towards the reset button.

  3. Hook the paperclip near the top of the header.

  4. Bend the paperclip around the board's edge by the reset button
  5. Trim the excess paperclip.

Now removal is as easy as popping the paperclip off of the Arduino's edge, and uploading is as easy as plugging in the FTDI cable!

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