Steps of Hand Washing

 Steps of Hand Washing with Soap and Water
Step 1: Turn on water and adjust the flow and temperature.
* Warm water is better for skin because it removes less protective oils from your hands, which makes them less prone to dryness.
Step 2: Wet hands thoroughly by holding them under the running water.
  • Apply soap to hands. (Liquid: 2-5mL, Bar: rub thoroughly between hands) 
  • Hold hands lower than the elbows so water flows from clean to dirty.
Step 3: Thoroughly wash and rinse hands.
  • Using firm rubbing and circular movements, wash the palm, back, and wrist of each hand.
  • Interlace the fingers and thumbs and move the hands back and forth for atleast 15 seconds.
  • Then rub fingertips agaisnt the palm of opposite hand. Clean underneath the nails and around the nail beds.
  • Rinse the hands for atleast 10 seconds while using a rubbing motion.This ensures the removal of microorganisms.
Step 4: Thoroughly pat dry the hands and arms.
  • Dry hands thoroughly from findertips to wrist, without scrubbing. Use a seperate paper towel for each arm. 
  • Discard paper towels.
* Patting dry decreases skin dryness, which in turn decreases skin lesions which could harbour microorganisms.
Step 5: Turn off water.
  • Use a new piece of paper towel to turn off the faucet. Discard.
Washing with Hand Sanitizer
When using hand sanitizer, make sure hands are completely wet with the sanitizer. Rub your hands together thoroughly for about a minute or until they are completely dry. Let hands air dry, do not wipe off excess sanitizer because this will affect the effectiveness. (Herman, 2011)