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Woodloes Museum open Day

Historic Woodloes Homestead in the City of Canning 19 April 2015

The Canning Historical Society changed its usual Open Day from WA Day to the National Trust Heritage Week and it was a resounding success.

In addition to the number of attractions, other than the historic homestead, there were other groups making the day a success, including the City of Canning who , with the aid of of bus driver Geoff Moore took visitors round the city visiting heritage sites. Of course the main attraction was the HTPSWA two representatives Bob W and Desmond.

Des in his usual stride fascinated the public with demonstrations of the spill plane and his various centuries old Archimedian drills, and other exceptionally old tools. Bob says he just sat there and directed the human traffic towards Des.

The weather on the day was very mild. The Sikh community showing their history in Western Australia from the early days of the gold rushes, to the Machinery Preservation Society with a large collection of working engines plus other events.

Bob W.