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Moondyne Festival 2019

Toodyay 5th May  2019.

Moondyne Festival. Toodyay 2019
Traditionally held on the first Sunday in May at Toodyay, the Moondyne Festival celebrates the life and times of Moondyne Joe aka Joseph Bolitho Johns, Western Australias most notorious bush ranger, a great day out that we at the HTPSWA look forward to each year.
Participants this year were Arthur, Willy, Nigel and Geoff ably assisted by Tini, Dianne and Elaine. There had been threats of rain, which local farmers were hoping for, but early indications were that we would have a dry day.
We've been allocated the same space near the Bendigo bank for the last 5 years where we are able to set up four shade gazebos on the side of the road on quite level ground. The road is closed from 6.30 am and becomes a hive of activity as vendors and exhibitors arrive and start setting up.
           We have a generous site with four shades up.                                 Early visitors were the 10th Light Horse.

Nigel and Willy were in charge of tool sales with a wide range of quality user and collectable hand tools, Willy also had a display of model aeroplane memorabilia
Arthur was displaying and demonstrating the use of various hand planes, including the ever popular spill plane. he also had a pump drill and Archimedes drill which he allowed visitors to have a go with. Another part of Arthurs display is a collection of rusty and termite nibbled tools with a warning of "Don't leave Grandads Tools in the Shed".

              A timely reminder of how NOT to treat Grandads tools.                     The ability of this drover and his dog to move a mob of sheep
                                                                                                                                        through the crowd was very impressive.

Geoff  had a couple of tables full of old braces and brace tools and his work bench where he is happy to report he didn't make a single mallet all day.
One of the attractions of the Moondyne Festival is the roving performances which are constantly up and down the street so there is usually something going on in front of us.Such as the  drover with a mob of  half a dozen sheep, his dog concentrating on obeying every whistled command whilst totally ignoring the crowds of people, and the other lowbrow decorative dogs as they walked from one end of the town to the other.
One act which was particularly appealing was Circus WA's youth circus band the Rogue Fez Ensemble who entertained us with their cheerful music and nifty foot work. 
The Rogue Fez Ensemble kept the music going while taking a break from walking from one end of Toodyay to the other.