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Festival of the Sea, Albany 2019

  Albany Easter weekend 2019.                                                                                        


Ross Shardlow.

“Ross Shardlow is a most remarkable fellow, a Marine Artist at the very top end of his game, and a very unassuming man too. He drew up the sail and rigging plans for Leeuwin for us. Len Randall was the Naval Architect that drew up the hull and it is a long story as to how Ross came to take over the rigging drawings. Len was too busy with the rest of the ship to deal with it at the time and Ross was given a free hand to take over the work, provided all of his drawings went under Len's scrutiny prior to going onto the ship. Nothing failed Len's eye, and nothing has failed in service over the last thirty two years either. His knowledge of period ships construction and rigging is extraordinary. “

            Part of Robins four tables of Shipwrights tools that he displayed.                                  Sheave blocks, ships wheels, barrels all part of Robins display.

This quote is by Robin who travelled to Albany to display his boat building tools with his friend Ross. Their collaboration, with others, provided Australia with the replica ships sailed in an earlier age. An article in the Amateur Boat Builders Association Journal outlines the skill of them both.