As a massage studio my general practice is always to  clean, refresh and sanitize!
Covid did not create any new practice for me. As always my studio is a place of safety and practice of healthy habits and clean so  that your experience is of the utmost promotion of your overall health.

Hands2Heal Massage provides massage to you via a traveling table, chair- in office work space, and at my studio. Massage therapy services in the Paradise , Chico, Durham, Oroville and other areas of Northern California.  Specializing in an experience that is both therapeutic and relaxing, your sessions will be tailored to your needs and requests.

Explore this site to learn more about what I offer, then contact Me to set up a massage session - you won't regret it!!

Providing another means to a holistic, positive and lasting health care choice.

Hands 2 Heal Massage is focused on providing high quality services and customer satisfaction.  We will do everything we can to bring your body to a place of relax and stress free.