Hand Painted Japanese Tea Set

    hand painted
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  • (Hand Painting) A process whereby graphics are hand-painted directly on an awning
  • (Hand-Painting) any decoratyion painted freehand without stencils or other devices.
    japanese tea
  • Green tea is tea made solely with the leaves of Camellia sinensis that have undergone minimal oxidation during processing. Green tea originates from China and has become associated with many cultures in Asia from Japan and South Korea to the Middle East.
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hand painted japanese tea set
Noritake Morimura Hand Painted Art Deco Style Cream Sugar Set Lustre Ware1940 Japan
Noritake Morimura Hand Painted Art Deco Style Cream Sugar Set Lustre Ware1940 Japan
Noritake Morimura Hand Painted Art Deco Style Cream Sugar Set Lustre Ware1940 Japan 1940s Noritake Art deco style cream and sugar set in gold lusterware, lusterware hand painted, marked “M” Japan. Here is a superb art deco style cream and sugar set from Noritake dated to the 1940s. The set has graceful shapes and unusual decoration. Hand painted in gold lusterware with turquoise lusterware borders on the inside and outside of the creamer and sugar bowl The creamer or cream pitcher stands 4” high at the handle, which graciously curves downward with generous gold trim along the front and turquoise on the inside. A gold band continues around the outer edge above a wide turquoise bands edged in black. The gold luster body is decorated with unusual jellyfish? like shapes in white and black as well as turquoise circles with white and dark centers. The interior is glazed in white pearl like luster glaze. The creamer suits on a small pedestal 2” wide. The sugar bowl has decoration similar to the creamer with wonderful curved upper edges. It stands 3 ¼” high at the top of a curve and also sits on a pedestal base. Both pieces are marked “Noritake and an M for Morimura surrounded by a wreath, hand painted, made in Japan, in reddish brown paint. The set is in like new condition, pristine in condition. There is a tiny bit of gold that has gone astray just under the lip of the creamer. This is under the glaze and is a manufacturing flaw. Although you will find many cream and sugar sets for sale , what makes this set special is the wonderful condition and the unusual pattern. I have only found one other item with this same pattern, a dresser set that sold for over $1600 on Ebay. This beautiful set has been appraised at $85.00: by a dealer friend who also collects Japanese lusterware of the finest quality. He has spent many years visiting Japan. If you love Japanese porcelain and particularly those pieces decorated in the art deco style this set will take pride of place in your collection.
Vintage Japanese Tea Set
Vintage Japanese Tea Set
This is part of a tea set that my Mother gave me back in the mid 1960's. She received it from her pen pal from Japan back in the mid 1940's. I took this out onto my snow filled porch to take the shot, then worked a bit of dry brush in photoshop. I can only imagine what is going on in Japan right now. 8.9... wow:-( My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone that is having their lives changed because of this horrid March Day.