CS 04 Question Papers

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Similiar Pattern / syllabus question papers from CS2K is also included.

Third Semester

EN04 301B Mathematics III cs04-301.pdf
CS04 302 Data Structures and Algorithms cs04-302.pdf
CS04 303 Discrete Computational Structures cs04-303.pdf
CS04 304 Basic Electronics Engineering cs04-304.pdf
CS04 305 Switching Theory and Logic Design cs04-305.pdf
CS04 306 Electric Circuits and Systems cs04-306.pdf

Fourth Semester

EN04 401B Mathematics IV en04-401.pdf
EN04 402 Environmental Studies cs04-402.pdf
CS04 403 Systems Programming cs04-403.pdf
CS04 404 Microprocessor Based Design cs04-404.pdf
CS04 405 Computer Organization and Design cs04-405.pdf
CS04 406 Electronic Circuits and Systems cs04-406.pdf

Fifth Semester

CS04 501Software Engineering cs04-501.pdf
CS04 502 Digital Data Communication cs04-502.pdf
CS04 503 Operating Systems  cs04-503.pdf
CS04 504 Numerical Analysis and Optimization Techniques cs04-504.pdf
CS04 505 Programming Paradigms cs04-505.pdf
CS04 506 Theory of Computation cs04-506.pdf

From Sixth Semester onwards only CS2K (old) Questions are available

Sixth Semester

CS04 601 Embedded Systems - [New Subject]
CS04 602 Database Management Systems cs04-602.pdf
CS04 603 Computer Networks -New syllabus different from old cs2k-603.pdf
CS04 604 Graph Theory and Combinatorics cs04-604.pdf
CS04 605 Compiler Design cs04-605.pdf
CS04 606 Computer Graphics and Multimedia cs04-606.pdf

Seventh Semester

CS04 701 Industrial Management & Economics old papers: IM-701.pdf
CS04 702 Cryptography and Network Security cs04-702.pdf
CS04 703 Distributed Systems cs04-703.pdf
CS04 704 Design and Analysis of Algorithms cs04-704.pdf
CS04 705 Elective I

Elective I
CS04 705A - Digital Signal Processing
CS04 705B – Advanced Topics in Database Systems adbms-705.pdf
CS04 705C - Simulation & Modeling
CS04 705D - Stochastic Processes
CS04 705E - Technical Argumentation tecArg-it04-306.pdf
CS04 705F –Entrepreneurship

Eighth Semester

CS04 801 Informational Retrieval
CS04 802 Computer Architecture and Parallel processing
CS04 803 Internet Technologies
CS04 804 Elective II
CS04 805 Elective III
Elective II
CS04 804A – Artificial Intelligence
CS04 804B - Image Processing
CS04 804C – Information Theory and Coding
CS04 804D – Computational Complexity
CS04 804E - Mobile Communication Systems
CS04 804F – Quantum Computing
Elective III
CS04 805A - Neural Networks and Fuzzy Logic
CS04 805B - Pattern Recognition
CS04 805C –Management Information System
CS04 805D – VLSI Design
CS04 805E – Data Mining and Data Warehousing
CS04 805F – Advanced Topics in Algorithms.