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●The Purple Chicken


(By Handman003 & Yummy Food34)

●Sad Tales of a Stick Figure


(By Handman003 and Whacker30)


(3D Picture made in Blender)

(by Handman003)


(Game made w/ GameMaker 6)

(by Handman003)



(by Handman003)

●HD Crash on an old Mac

(Animated Image)

(by Handman003)

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Well, I'd like to start off by saying hey. Hey. Ok, now that that's done... Here's my site. Check out my myspace if I know you. It's on private, so add me and send me a message if you want.

First off, I advise everyone who hasn't already, to download (and use) Firefox from

Currently Playing: Kingdom Hearts 2, Zelda: Phantom Hourglass, Final Fantasy IV, Final Fantasy III, Pokemon Sapphire Version

For the rest of my website, look to your left. Every part of this site should have a link at the bottom to direct you back here. If a problem arises, contact me via the address at the bottom of this page.

Enjoy. Don't steal. More stuff will probably be added as I make it.

"Umm...Hi..Read my blog."


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