Welcome to Karen's Kids! My name is Karen Challender and I've been making handmade cloth doll's for over 25 years...

My doll's are made from soft craft velour or deer suede, stuffed with premium polyester fiberfill, have hand embroidered faces, soft sculpted fingers, toes, knees , belly buttons and are just cute as can be!

No two are exactly the same (unless I make twins that is!). They come in two sizes. The original Karens Kids are 21 inches tall, about the size of a newborn baby.. They can wear preemie or newborn sized clothing or doll clothes for 21 inch doll's.. I also offer sweet little outfits to be purchased seprately .

My newest addition are smaller 16" doll's, perfect for smaller doll lovers... They wear clothes intended for 15 or 16 inch doll's (like Bitty Baby) and come in a variety of ready made choices...

I also have a movie star among the group! Lil Thelma was cast in a soon to be released movie "Gone Baby Gone", produced by Ben Affleck. Read more about Lil Thelma HERE.  Or click here to see pictures of our little "star"..

I offer doll's of every race in all the beautiful skin color's of the world... I have many ready made doll's available for instant purchase or you can even custom order a doll!

These doll's are cute, cuddly and made to last a very long time! I put tender loving care in each and every doll and dress each one to match they're own unique little personality..

Karen's Kids come with a Creation Certificate with their name, meaning of their name and creation date.

Just added:

   Sweet Pea Girls  

Sweet Pea Doll Clothes &

Sweet Pea Nursery Reborns

Sweet Pea Girls are 18" fashion doll's like American Girl with all the quality, but a sweeter pricetag!

Sweet Pea Nursery Reborns are sweet baby and toddler doll's reborn from vinyl doll's.  I'm also an authorized Berenguer Retailer and have added Berenguer doll's for play or reborning. 

Sweet Pea Doll clothes come in many sizes, including American Girl, Bitty Baby, Karens Kids, Karen Lil Kids, Little Mommy Sweet As Me and more.

Your sure to find a special doll perfect for you, your children or a special doll lover in your life.... These doll's are perfect for all ages.. The hair has knotted roots which prevent little one's from pulling out the hair and there are no moving parts a child can break off to swallow..

Ready made doll's can be purchased instantly using the provided paypal buttons... I also accept payments through Google Checkout, so if you'd rather pay through Google, just let me know and I'll be glad to send you an invoice for your purchase through them.

 If your a doll lover like me, I hope you'll stop by to visit with Karens Kids to see all the cutie's available

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Gabby is a Caucasion cutie pie waiting for you to send for her.

Anna is an African American beauty!

Lily is a tired little Asian girl all ready for bedtime!

Sofia is a very special little girl with Down Syndrome. Read about my Special Angel doll's Here.

Our own little movie star. Read  Lil Thelma's story Here.

What an adorable doll Lil Emma is! See all the 16 inch doll's available Here.

Esha is Native American and her name means "delight"


Doll's shown above may be sold and no longer available. However, I add a new batch of "kids" every 6 months, so visit often to see all the new creations available!