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These are the Lil Thelma triplets used in the new movie Gone Baby Gone, scheduled to be released Oct. 19, 2007.


Casey Affleck, Ed Harris, Morgan Freeman, John Ashton, Robert Wahlberg

Directed by:

Ben Affleck

Produced by:

David Crockett, Alan Ladd Jr, Dan Rissner

To read more about how Lil Thelma got her "big break", click Here.

Little Thelma can be purchased from my original website:

Karens Kids

Little Thelma is a soft, cuddly 16" doll made from soft craft velour, filled with premium polyester fiberfill, has a hand embroidered face and yarn hair. Lil Thelma is available in two outfits: Her pink sleeper, as seen in the movie or in a pink gingham dress with bloomers. Lil Thelma has five friends of every race, also available for instant purchase.

You can see Lil Thelma and all her friends HERE.


Lil Thelma




and MORE.


Lil Thelma and Friends

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