I make all products by hand - of course.
I use local materials and recycle whenever possible. OK, the Merino wool comes from South Africa because it is much softer on your skin, but the Alpacas live in Suffolk. A number of my felted flowers are made from  a variety of British sheep's wool sometimes mixed with other fibres. I use the wet felting method: water, soap and friction (meaning my arm muscles) make a piece of felt.
The glass pieces started their life as ordinary windows or bottles. By fusing the glass in a very hot kiln it simply sticks together, but also the surface and shade of the glass transform. This is the big surprise when getting the finished piece out of the kiln, and it also means every piece is unique.  Have you ever noticed how many different green bottles exist, and that blue bottles are rare?
I like the process of making, and that leads me on to other media and projects.