Handling Customer Objections Showdown!

A telecollaboration lesson developed by Joe Deegan as part of the requirements for Ed Tech 570, Advanced Teaching with Tech at SDSU.

A critical skill of a successful sales professional is the ability to handle or overcome customer objections to the purchase.  You can give a great demonstration but if you are not able to handle the customers objections then you won't earn the sale.  While this is one of the most important skills for a sales professional, it is often one of the most overlooked in sales training. 

This telecollaboration lesson is designed to help sales professionals improve their ability of overcoming customer objections by collaborating with other sales professionals to build a database of solutions to customer objections. Participants will expand on their repertoire of solutions to customer objections by developing new solutions, then collaborating to improve upon them using a discussion board.  Upon completion of the activity, participants will have created a database of solutions to customer objections that can be used as a resource throughout their sales career.

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