Welcome to Handing Wang's homepage!

Handing Wang (王晗丁)

Ph.D., Professor,

School of Artificial Intelligence,

Xidian University, China

Email: hdwang@xidian.edu.cn or wanghanding.patch@gmail.com


Research Interests

  • Computational Intelligence
  • Multi-Objective Optimization
  • Data-Driven Optimization
  • Surrogate-Assisted Evolutionary Algorithm
  • Data Mining
  • Real-World Applications


  • 2006–2010: Bachelor of Engineering, School of Electronic Engineering, Xidian University, Xi’an. China
  • 2010–2015: Doctor of Engineering, Key Laboratory of Intelligent Perception and Image Understanding of Ministry of Education, Xidian University, Xi’an. China

Work Experiences

  • 2018-now: Professor, School of Artificial Intelligence, Xidian University, China
  • 2015–2018: Research Fellow, Department of Computer Science, University of Surrey, UK. Funded by an EPSRC grant (No. EP/M017869/1) on “Data-driven surrogate-assisted evolutionary fluid dynamic optimisation”.

Visiting Experiences

  • 2012–2013: Visiting Student, CERCIA, University of Birmingham, UK. Funded by an EU FP7 IRSES grant (No.247619) on “Nature Inspired Computation and its Applications (NICaiA)”.
  • 2016/8: Visiting Staff, Optimization Group, University of Jyvaskyla, Finland.Funded by FiDiPro Project DeCoMo: "Decision Support for Complex Multiobjective Optimization Problems''.

Research Grants

  • 2020/1-2023/12:National Natural Science Foundation of China, Small data-driven evolutionary robust optimization (PI).
  • 2015/12-2016/5:Honda Research Institute Europe, Preference modeling and articulation in multi-objective optimization and decision-making (CI).
  • 2017/4-2018/3: NHS Endowment Research Grant, Modelling and optimizing complex aeromedical retrieval systems: a pilot study (CI).


  • 2018: Shaanxi Thousand Talents Plan (Young Professionals) Program in China
  • 2017: Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation of Shaanxi Province
  • 2017: Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation of Xidian University
  • 2014: National Scholarship of China
  • 2010: University Outstanding Graduate of Xidian University
  • 2009: Second Prize of Shaanxi Province in National Electronic Design Competition for University Students
  • 2008: National Scholarship of China