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Valentine Special

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Valentine Day is here again! Thinking of Pearl Jewelery,  Diamond,  Leather Handbag,  Gold Necklace or Chocolate, etc.

Valentine gift will reflect your thoughtfulness and  convey your  feelings.  So, this year  why not  handmake something  SPECIAL  for her to melt her heart ........... 


       Flower Meanings 
Number of Flowers
One flower means consideration,
Three ones respect,
Five ones affection,
Seven ones love
1   Rose : Exceptional Love Only For You
3   Roses : I Love You
5   Roses : I Love You Very Much
12  Roses : Our Love Has Reached a Perfect
                Dozen with much Mutual Affinity
36  Roses : Feeling Romantic–Attachment 
                     with You
99  Roses : My Love For You Is Forever
365 Roses : Thinking & Loving You Everyday 
                      Of the Year  
                       Rose Instructions
10  Tulips : Perfect Love

Tulip Instructions